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Directions for use
Please follow the following directions for using Mr-PUNG

Caution before use

  •  Firmly hold Mr-PUNG at 90°, push it down and press the button when unclogging washbasin
     and sink drain.
  •  Turn the cover to place carbonic acid cylinder, push Mr-PUNG towards the drain inlet and
     press the button.
  •  Repeat unclogging when the toilet is severely clogged or has not been properly unclogged
     in the first attempt due to improper use of Mr-PUNG.
  •  Beware of carbonic acid gas leak when cover of the main body is opened without using after
     mounting carbonic acid cylinder.
  •  Firing mechanism may cool and Mr-PUNG may instantly stop operating when it is repeatedly
     used for severely clogged toilet. Use again when the cooled firing mechanism is released
     (five minutes later).
  •  Push Mr-PUNG deep inside the toilet drain in 45° so that toilet compression cap is properly
     adhered to the toilet drain to unclog foreign materials.
  •  Sewage may splash and gas may leak when toilet’s compression cap and toilet drain are not
     completely adhered to each other.
  •  Lift Mr-PUNG towards the water canteen to 90° and slowly separate it from the toilet to
     discharge sewage that clogged the toilet.
  •  Foreign materials may not be discharged if they are too big or hard since toilet drain inlet
     is wider than the other part of the drain.

Caution on carbonic acid cylinder

  •  Avoid strong shock, direct exposure to the sun and store it at under 50℃.
  •  Keep it out of reach of children.

Other cautions

  •  Do not spray carbon acid to face, eyes or other parts of the body.
  •  Do not let children to use the product.
  •  It cannot unclog drains that require more than 5 (kgf/cm²) in pressure for unclogging.
  •  Do not use when drain is frozen during winter.
  •  Do not use it for purposes other than the intended purpose.
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